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Acupuncture to Conceive

I have always desired to have children, but I did not expect the struggle it would be to get there. I married my husband at the age of 37. I realized this was a little late in the game, but I was active and healthy. I eat right and exercise on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee healthy fertility. My husband and I began trying to get pregnant immediately after our wedding. After nine months of trying without any success, we sought out fertility testing. All tests came back normal. Even my FSH was 4.1. We continued to try for three more months, but no luck. We decided to work with a reproductive endocrinologist and began Clomid and artificial insemination. After three months of no success, we looked into acupuncture. We found Natalie. After only three sessions, with Clomid and IUI, we were pregnant! What a miracle. However, we miscarried with a chemical pregnancy at five weeks. Encouraged that we actually got pregnant, we continued acupuncture but decided not to pursue fertility medications or IUI. My very next cycle, I got pregnant again. Amazing, considering without acupuncture I did not get pregnant at all for 15 months. We were excited once again, but ended up miscarrying with blighted ovum at almost seven weeks. This time the emotional struggle was overwhelming and I needed a break. My husband and I still continued to try on our own without acupuncture, but we did not get pregnant. Finally, a few months later, I decided to try once again. I returned to acupuncture with Natalie and with in one month of treatment we were pregnant for the third time. Once again, we miscarried with a blighted ovum. We were encouraged to be actually getting pregnant, but devastated by the losses. I took another break from acupuncture, but did some additional testing which revealed a decline in my FSH. It went from 4.1 to 7.5 to a 10 in a matter of two years. I sought out consultation from two other infertility clinics and I was told that I would probably continue to miscarry every pregnancy due to poor egg quality. We began researching other options such as IVF and egg donor. However, we were told that our success rate with egg retrieval would be minimal and our best bet would be to get an egg donor. We made the decision to go that route and started the process. Included in our plan of action we went back to acupuncture. After three sessions, to my huge surprise I was pregnant again without any fertility medication or procedures. I was concerned, fearing another miscarriage and that this would only delay our plans….. I was approaching 40 and did not want to lose any more time. I stayed with acupuncture and to my surprise, my pregnancy developed! I am now 27 weeks pregnant with a little boy. I know persistence played apart, but I truly believe that without Natalie's help, we would still not be pregnant. There is something about acupuncture that allowed my body to accept the reproductive process that I could not do on my own. Infertility can be devastating. It can be devastating to ones spirit, to a marriage, and to all aspects of your life. Natalie was able to help with the stress that is associated with infertility as well as the reproductive process. She was patient and understanding throughout my entire journey.