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poor egg quality

After 15 months of trying to conceive, my Reproductive Endocrinologist told my husband and I that I would not be able have a child on my own. She said that my eggs were "bad" due to a high FSH level and that I should consider adoption or the possibility of using an egg donor. If we were to find an egg donor, my chances of miscarriage would be 70% if I did become pregnant. There were a few other options that we could try, but the odds were not good and they included injecting hormones into my body. After having been on Chlomid for 10 months, my ovaries had many cysts all over them and I was afraid to continue down that path. After some research, I discovered something that brought hope back into my life, a book called "The Infertility Cure". I learned about ancient Chinese Medicine and started seeing Natalie for acupuncture immediately. Not only did she administer the acupuncture twice weekly, she helped guide me through the whole program. I followed the healthy diet she recommended, took the herbs she prescribed and focused on lowering my stress level. She had no doubt that I would be able to conceive on my own, the healthy way.

Sure enough, two months after I met Natalie, I became pregnant. I am about to enter my 2nd trimester and my doctor says everything looks good. I am so grateful to Natalie and amazed at how quickly I responded to the treatment. Not only have I learned that there is no such thing as "bad" eggs, I now have the tools to continue a healthy lifestyle. The journey through infertility is extremely painful and can be devastating. I hope to inform as many women as I possibly can that there is hope. I will be forever grateful to Natalie. Thank you so much, we are elated.

Natalie Hryniewich